Technology for the City

Kind to the Planet

Our 📃 POWER FRAME system is designed for 👫 People, for Cities 🗽 and for the Planet 🌍.

We redesigned ✍🏽 and engineered our Bicycle 🚲 from scratch with a completely new Battery 🔋 pack and Electronics system.

We designed with the following objectives for the Planet 🌏

⬇️ Minimise Battery waste 🔋

⬇️ Lower Electronic waste 💻

⬆️ Maximise product lifecycle ♻️ 

But honouring Humanity 👫 and what makes our Heart beat ❤️ 

Beauty and great design 📐

Colour 🎨 and personalisation 🧑‍🎨

Following all safety 🦺 regulations for City Pedal Assisted Electric bicycles 🚲 and

adding some of our own safety features.

Our LiFe battery 🔋 pack has a 60 km range and can be recharged 🔌 2000 times.


It rests inside our steel frame and cannot explode💥 or catch fire 🔥. 

Modular Electronics that can be

repaired 🛠️ and up-cycled ♻️ easily.

An advanced Core Processor 💻 that monitors electronics and battery voltage whilst communicating with our Mobile 📱 App.

Brake sensors for Safety 🦺 power cut off.

Pedal Sensors for the right amount of ⚡Power.

A dedicated POWER FRAME 🌐 tracking system with sim card 🛰️ that works in 178 countries and 400 different networks 📡.

Ebike Lights 💡 that will show you the way as well as show you to others 🔦.  

POWER FRAME handlebar display 🖥️ is  simple, designed to have no distractions so you can focus on the 🛣️ road ahead.

Intuitively control 🎛️ the assistance level and turn on 🚨 headlights 💡 when it is dark. 


Quickly check the battery 🔋 indicator to know how long before your next charge 🔌.

Forgot to charge your 📱 phone last night? No problem our display has a USB charger .

Fully charged in under 3 hours with our fast 🧲 magnetic charger 🔌.

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